Why Are KIAs So Reliable?

August 15th, 2019 by

People have come to depend on KIA as a solid and reliable vehicle. It is affordable, safe, fuel efficient, and durable, all the things that most people need in a car. Indeed, the KIA brand of vehicle has consistently appeared on reliability lists from various sources.

In 2019, J.D. Power, known as the gold standard in automobile ratings, put KIA at number 1 for reliability. This kind of rating does not come easily. It is the result of a company that makes quality and value at the center of its design, engineering, and manufacturing processes. The plants and dealers that make KIA, especially those in the U.S., have become better at producing the brand’s vehicles. This partly accounts for the success it has found with drivers. Many have cited the KIA’s 10-year focus on craftsmanship and continuous improvement as the reason why the vehicle has become so popular with consumers and successful as a brand.

A great deal of reliability is determined by comparing one vehicle with another. Many consumers have become disappointed or let down by an over focus on technology that is present in other cars. Some brands tend to be loaded with advanced electronics, infotainment systems, and other types of accessories that are designed to appeal to drivers but come with their own set of problems.

KIA meanwhile has focused its efforts into making vehicles that can be driven easily and safely. The company also offers one of the most generous warranties in the industry, which allows buyers to fix anything that malfunctions without going through hassle or paying more money. These investments have paid off; people like the easiness and efficiency of the service they receive from KIA. And all this had led to greater customer commitment to the brand and a car that has become a favorite among most drivers.

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